The Rosedale Cemetery Trust

Victoria has a proud tradition of caring for its forebears in public cemeteries which are managed by cemetery trusts. Cemeteries and crematoria in Victoria are governed by the Cemeteries and Crematoria Act 2003 and Cemeteries and Crematoria Regulations 2015.

The Rosedale Cemetery Trust (the Trust) is an incorporated entity with perpetual succession. It serves the local community by providing cemetery services to maintain the Rosedale Cemetery. The Trust is ultimately accountable to the Minister for Health and is responsible for the conduct and performance of the Trust. The Trust consists of between three and eleven members who are appointed for a term of up to five years.

The functions of the Trust include:

  • A strategic role in setting the overall operational direction of the Trust in its governance of the Rosedale Cemetery.
  • A stewardship role in ensuring that the Trust’s activities reflect public sector values and employment principles, and that the Trust has arrangements in place to meet its statutory obligations.

The Trust is required to properly and efficiently manage and maintain the Rosedale Cemetery. In exercising its functions, the Trust must consider:

  • funding its perpetual maintenance obligations of the Rosedale Cemetery;
  • the cultural and religious values of the community; and
  • the heritage values of the Rosedale Cemetery.

The Trust members are all volunteers and willing give their time and effort to provide the Rosedale community this memorial to remember our families, ancestors and forebears.

Any complements or complaints about the Rosedale Cemetery should be directed to the Secretary in the first instance. Any suggested improvements to our cemetery are always welcome.