The Rosedale Cemetery is situated within a rural farmland setting. It is located on about three hectares or eight acres of land. There is a small gazebo with information about current burials within the cemetery.

The cemetery has sections for Church of England or Anglican burials, Uniting Church or Presbyterian burials, Roman Catholic burials and non-denominational burials. These sections contain many graves that date back to the earliest interments in the cemetery.

There is also a newer section comprising a lawn cemetery, and a niche wall for cremated burials.

Flowers, wreaths and other memorials should be secured onto graves and memorials. For safety reasons glass materials and live flames (i.e. candles) should not be left unattended within the cemetery.

Note that due to the rural location there is no potable water on site. A long drop toilet is situated inside the main gate for the convenience of visitors.

Information Gazebo

Rosedale Cemetery

An information gazebo is located inside the main gate. It has a list of the burials within the cemetery as well as plans of each of the sections of the cemetery. This information can be used to locate individual burials within the cemetery.

Monumental Sections

The cemetery has Church of England/Anglican, Uniting/Presbyterian, Roman Catholic and non-denominational sections.

Lawn Cemetery

Rosedale Cemetery

The lawn cemetery provide another option for burial of loved ones.

Niche Wall

Rosedale Cemetery

The niche wall was established for the preservation of cremated remains.